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 Welcome. ​ Rebuilding site... ​ Real Soon Now... Welcome. ​ Rebuilding site... ​ Real Soon Now...
 +The following introduction is from "​Gravitational Reflections in Plain English and Cold Stones"​ by Pierre Charles of Sacramento, CA. It seems fitting to almost all of the information presented in these pages...
 +I hesitate to discuss the new physics with most of the population, not that I do not want people to know, but because of the built-in opposition from the population'​s academic training and the possible misuse of this recently rediscovered source of understanding and power. Following close behind is the possible impact on the economic and control systems over the masses.
 +We are all slaves to this closed system of things to a degree. For example, we now live in a world of great knowledge and power; unfortunately,​ it is misdirected,​ so to live in relative comfort we hold an 8 to 5 job, wear clothes, drive cars, eat food all brought to us by others, and live in a house built by others and usually owned by the bank. Net result: both partners must work away from the home to support it. Meanwhile, the government takes back [more than] 50% to support those who cannot or will not work, and, of course, maintain the existing framework. The children spend most of the day being trained by others to fit into the existing framework, etc., etc.
 +This bring us to the opposition from academic-trained people, most are copies of copies, 10th generation receivers of what is unquestioningly taught as the eternal truth. Most are so far removed from the original information and thoughts that they do not recognize it and they oppose with great tenacity anyone who dares to defy their implanted ideas. This information will also disturb the traditionally religious people; I don't need to expand on the dangers there...
 +The New Physics:
 +To Truly grasp the new physics we must keep two things present in our minds:
 +1) The New Physics is actually a retrieval of the old or ancient physics,
 +2) The ancient physics encompassed all things; therefore, you must look at all things, you must remove all academic barriers from your present, considerably large body of knowledge and merge this with the eastern and ancient thoughts. If you find yourself laughing or ridiculing, then you will not find the valuable thread of information that you need...
 +Little remains of the ancient physics but it can be found nevertheless - for it has been preserved, often by those who had little or no true knowledge of the symbols that they considered sacred..."​